Intellectual property

Intellectual property guarantees exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity. The rights to intellectual property in Russia are regulated by the fourth part of the Russian Civil Code, and also by international agreements.

Intellectual Property

PTG renders a variety of services in the field of intellectual property. In this case we pay special attention not only to prosecution, but also to litigation and enforcement services. Leading foreign and Russian companies entrust their interests to us in this area.

In the area of intellectual property we offer the following services:

  • Consulatation and the legal oversight of the registration of rights to intellectual property: trade marks, patents, utility models, and industrial design applications
  • Consultation and oversight of transactions connected with the acquisition and transfer of rights to intellectual property
  • Total legal audits of Intellectual Property
  • Conducting availability and similarity searches for trade marks cases
  • Registration of trade marks in Russia and abroad
  • Registartion of assignments of trade marks, license agreements, and agreements for guarantees and commercial concessions
  • Defending the interests of clients in the Chamber for patent disputes
  • Total legal protection of the rights of intellectual property owners in the law-enforcement agencies, and before the customs bodies, the federal anti-monopoly service, the Russian consumer agencies and in court
  • Examinations in the region of intallectual property
  • Copyright services
  • The oversight of questions of intellectual property dealing with external economic activities