Court representation

This is legal representation in order to defend the interests of our clients in court. The successful experience of PTG specialists lies in the realization of many legal cases that we have won.

Court Representation

We ensure legal representation with the minimum of conflicts:

In the tax sphere

  • Estimation of risks and prospects in legal disputes. Development of a strategic plan for conducting the dispute
  • Resolution of the disputes with tax and other public bodies in the administrative and judicial area; participation in negotiations and the resolution procedures
  • Protection in criminal investigations regarding economic crimes 
In the sphere of the anti-monopoly legislation
  • Resolution of disputes in the administrative and judicial area
In the customs sphere

The solution of different categories of disputes with the customs organs, including:

  • Recovery of the overpaid customs payments
  • Appeals against the legal decisions of the customs organs
  • Appeals against the decisions on the matters about administrative offenses
  • Resolution of disputes on questions related to the determination of customs costs
  • Appeals against the decisions on questions of classification of goods
In the commercial sphere
  • Assistance in the resolution of commercial disputes and carrying out of legal solutions
  • Protection of intellectual property 
  • Resolution of the disputes connected with the rights to real estate and land