Customs Regulation

Customs regulation and external economic activity is governed by the customs policy. This is a powerful lever in the hands of the state and an important tool in conducting business. The skill to competently regulate customs processes ensures the company success and stability. We offer our knowledge and the many years of experience in the customs sphere, which will help your business.

Customs Regulation and External Economic Activity

PTG offers a set of services for navigating through customs regulations.
  • Oversight of the tax and customs aspects of investment projects 
  • Tracking the procedure for reducing the rates of customs duties, as well as the introduction of changes in customs tariffs
  • Dealing with legal and administrative disputes with public bodies in customs and currency control, including the recovery of customs payments 
  • Analysis of the structure of deliveries for the optimization of customs and the tax burden
  • Guarantee of the simplified procedures of customs formulation and the non-application of increased measures at customs control, entry into the customs lists  
  • Services in the sphere of non-tariff regulation
  • Consultation on questions regarding the classification of goods
  • Tracking the procedure of the inflow of commodities as a contribution to regulation capital
  • Registration of intellectual property for customs purposes (a customs list of intellectual property)
  • Protection of the interests of right-holders from the infringement of their rights to intellectual property in import-export transactions 
  • Tracking the administrative and criminal procedures in the customs sphere

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