Completed projects

Russian and foreign companies comprise PTG's clients. Since we Both are highly trusted, over 40% of our clients use our services following the recommendation of their colleagues and partners.

Some of our recent projects

An international producer of home appliances

We gave extensive and in-depth consultations regarding questions on reaching the optimum strategy for the protection of the client’s intellectual property. We further assisted in the formulation and registration of license agreements, the introduction of trade marks for the customs-list, and defended their interests concerning administrative matters on the issue of trade mark infringement.

A publishing house for a major media holding

We developed author’s contracts, defended their interests in court regarding questions related to copy-right protection. In addition, we oversaw the transfer of rights for the publication of artistic literature to foreign publishing houses.

The largest Finnish holding for milk production

We oversaw an integrated set of questions in the sphere of intellectual property and customs regulation, in particular focusing on questions in the protection of intellectual property connected with the transfer of the goods through the Russian Federal customs boundary (the inclusion of trade marks into the customs list, the circulation of a statement with the border custom-houses for the operational prevention of releasing goods showing signs of being counterfeit and so on). We further gave consultations regarding the issuance into the Russian market of counterfeit products and acted as the liaison with the organs Ministry of Internal Affairs, on this the registration of intellectual property. Finally, we consulted the client regarding questions on the author's and adjacent rights in conducting advertising.

Finnish shipping company

We consulted on the protection of their intellectual property over the course of a company reorganization, the formulation concession rights for trade marks, as well as intellectual property registration in other countries in the CIS.

A well-known participant in the fashion industry, fashionable clothing network of boutiques

We took action in order to suppress the parallel import of clothing onto the territory of the Russian Federation in co-ordination with the law-enforcement agencies.