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PTG is a successful and actively developing Russian company with extensive experience in the market of legal services. We offer a full range of services to our clients, including those relating to intellectual property issues, customs-regulations and corporate law. We are result-oriented and take advantage of our unique experience, professionalism and well-established business contacts to provide a superior service.

Our team            Philosophy

The PTG Legal Consulting is a reliable legal partner for your business.

The basic values of our work are reliability, professionalism, achieving results and guaranteed quality.

PTG services are used by many Russian and foreign companies. We are highly trusted and thus more than 40% of our clients come to us on the recommendation of our associates and partners. Our work experience can be judged from previosly completed projects, a number of which can be seen here.

PTG specialists participate in the leading annual international summits, as well as various meetings and conferences, where they build on their reputation and demonstrate their competencies. This may be shown by the numerous diplomas and rewards, newly signed contracts won, and the ongoing appreciation of our clients.

We hope that you select our firm to be your legal assistants and partners. We guarantee an unbeatable quality of services, complete reliability and confidentiality.